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america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great thursday. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >> president obama appointed several members of his cabinet even though they supported hillary in the primary. heck, he even appointed hillary. [applause] by the way after last night, i want a man who had the good sense to marry michelle obama. >> straight ahead former president bill clinton made his case as to why american voters should reelect president obama. tonight the president will hit the stage to wrap up the democratic national convention in charlotte.
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it is thursday, september 6. i m steve chenevey. >> let's go to the forecast with meteorologist adam caskey. >> a little bit of rain this morning. some energy moving through to start the day. sprinkles west of the blue ridge, approaching the shenandoah valley. parts of west virginia. 79 in washington, 73 in leesburg. manassas, 73. partly cloudy, hot and humid today. highs in the lower 90's. chance of showers later today. on saturday, it looks like you have a rain of -- round of rain in the afternoon and cooling behind that. sunday and monday, heights in the upper 70's. >> no accents to support -- reports so far. overnight construction still in effect. we are down to one lane on the
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outer loop of the beltway between the toll road and georgetown pike. if you are traveling in the southbound direction on 395 to the beltway, they are blocking the left lane. bigger troubles in maryland. we are getting by with one line on the inner and outer loop at kenilworth avenue. after work -- outer loop work starts in college park. reduced to two lanes, then only one in its fight to the left at the new hampshire ave make your way to new -- university boulevard. >> good morning. thanks so much. new this morning -- turkish soldiers say an explosion has killed 25 soldiers. the soldiers were found after firefighters put out the flames. >> the democratic national convention wraps up tonight with president obama accepting the parti's presidential nomination.
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former congresswoman gabrielle giffords also attend. >> a powerful speech from bill clinton -- scott thuman and gordon peterson have more. >> what a big night for bill clinton and barack obama, and what a speech. he said he was just a country boy from arkansas -- bill clinton on steroids is what he was. >> his campaign managers said they work -- there were no concerns about whether he would overshadow barack obama. after that speech, he has work cut out for him. >> i do not know where to start. he did take on romney and ryan on medicare and took them on strong. listen. >> it will end medicare as we know it. a lot of that money is also spent to help people with disabilities. [applause] including a lot of middle-class families whose kids have down syndrome or autism or other severe conditions.honestly, think
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about it -- if that happens, i do not know what those families are going to do. i know what i'm going to do. i'm going to do everything i can do see that it does not happen. we cannot let it happen. >> of course, numbers -- let's talk numbers. a huge crowd here, 25,000 capacity fill up quickly last night. they had to shut the doors. also, we talked jobs. the president, president clinton pointed out that during democratic presidents, they have created more jobs, twice as many as republicans. this is his personal endorsement of president obama. >> i want a man who believes with no doubt that we can build a new american dream economy driven by innovation and creativity, by education and yes, by cooperation.
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by the way, after last night i want a man who had the good sense to marry michelle obama. [applause] >> bill clinton and barack obama are embracing onstage after that speech. four years ago, they were at loggerheads over hillary clinton. hillary clinton is now the secretary of state. just amazing, american politics. >> you can not beat it. >> scott and gordon will be in charlotte for the president's speech. we have live reports at 5:00, 6:00, and 11:00. you can also catch up on >> the secret service is investigating the reported theft of mitt romney's federal tax records. this apparently happened at a break in in franklin, tenn.. somebody claiming responsibility demanded $1 million to not make them public. the romney campaign has declined
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to comment. romney is in campaign --g for the debates. his wife will attend a fund- raiser in the middle berg, virginia. supporters of the soldier accused of giving information to the wikileaks website are planning to show their support. >> they will assemble outside the democratic national committee headquarters. of denzil be held in other cities as well. he is awaiting trial on more than 20 charges, including aiding the enemy. observation -- a hearing be held for the george town man charged of murdering his socialite wife. psychiatrists said albrecht muth is noticeably weakened after resuming a hunger strike, but they believe he is competent to stand trial. he allegedly killed 91-year-old viola drath inside their home last summer. new developments involving the 12-year-old fort washington boy accused of fatally beating a
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foster girl living with the family. the boy entered an alford please for voluntary manslaughter charges. it does not admit guilt but acknowledges there is enough evidence for a guilty verdict. he originally faced a more serious second-degree murder charge. to be held at a youth facility until a hearing in october. grandma and grandpa are helping out with more financial support -- >> here is linda bell at bloomberg headquarters with more. >> hello. we are talking about jobs today. we get the number of -- from the labor department tomorrow, but wall street gets weekly jobless claims figures. we see a few signs the job market is still struggling to rid the website said as job openings declined in august for the first time in four months. cosmetics maker revlon said it would -- cut to one of the jobs
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as the close two plants, including one in maryland. many are taking over child care duties -- implement in the child care industry has dropped 2% since the recession ended. grandparents are helping out a lot more. usa today says that most grandparents are babysitting and providing financial support for their grandkids as they try to save their children some money. airport says that those grandparents topping out have given more than $8,300 over the past five years. your football sunday is about to be even more expensive. i explain in the next hour. live at bloomberg headquarters, linda bell for abc 7 news. >> i do not know if i want to hear about that. but we will see you soon. >> still to come, highlights from the nfl season opener. between the cowboys and the giants. learn
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>> some left homeless -- dogs left homeless after hurricane isaac will arrive in the region today. they say they will take in 10 dogs. four of them are puppies. one has heartworm and will undergo treatment. >> is -- we went to check in with adam caskey.
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>> good morning. it will be a hot and sticky day, with high temperatures in the lower 90's 3 not expecting much in terms of rainfall. a few light showers, especially out west. they are approaching page county. a little sprinkled here and there in southwestern loudoun county. that is it. later this morning, a 20% chance of showers. 79 in washington. 77 in college park. on the way to 92 this afternoon becoming part the cloudy. tomorrow is pretty much the same story, laura 90's. >> on the roads right now, some improvement with those works funds, cone's being picked up. we were on the outer loop earlier. we are on the inner loop. that should be gone momentarily as a travel from a georgetown pike over to the toll road. still one lane blocked there. in maryland, the inner loop and
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the greenbelt area, it has been cleared. we are all clear. still low volume on the outer loop. we are picking up the cones at new hampshire avenue, down to one lane for a brief moment as you make your way toward university boulevard. that is the latest from the traffic center. >> drivers will have a chance to speak about proposed increases on the dulles toll road. the airport authority will hold the first three meetings tonight. it plans for combined tolls to rise from $2.25 to $2.75, then $3 to dissents in 2014 and four doors to dissent in 2015. -- $4.50 in 2015. >> d.c. residents will have a chance to speak about plans to extend the h street car line. they will discuss a study on the extending the line to the
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benning road metro station is or minnesota ave. 10 at's meeting starts at 6:00 p.m. at the department of employment services on minnesota avenue northeast. >> frederick memorial hospital is unveiling a new name and new logo. hospital officials say this signals a cultural shift that has happened over the past five years. during that time, frederick memorial has changed from a community hospital in major regional medical center. >> cowboys fans have a reason to smile. >> somebody had to win at the season opener. it was the dallas cowboys. the quarterback threw three touchdowns 22 virginia's kevin. they went on to beat the super bowl champions. it is 4:44. >> coming up, a woman who survived a bizarre attack. what she says
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>> we are hearing from a second man attacked near eastern market. 26-year-old casey adams was talking on his phone early tuesday morning. that is when he says a man ambushed him at gunpoint. he says the man knocked into the ground and a second man came. they punched and kicked him in the face before taking off with his smartphone. >> i said, you got it all. you got it all. they hit me a couple of times while i was down. the last thing they did was that the second person drop kicked me. >> last month, another man, tc maslin a severely beaten in the same area. to bring surgeries later he is still unable to speak. police are trying to determine if those attacks are linked.
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police are trying to find a man who sexually assaulted a woman in northeast d.c.. they say they attacked the woman from behind. it happened in the 400 block of taylor street. he is described as black with a median complexion, a 22-26 years old, 5 foot 9, 180 pounds with short hair and clean shaven. >> we are learning more about last month's deadly day in -- train derailment at ellicott city. the derailment caused more than $2 million in damage. they did not say what caused 21 of the cars to jump the tracks. authorities say two girls died when they were buried in coal while sitting on a road bridge at the time. >> investigators want to know if an alexandria man may have been breeding pit bulls for a dog fighting ring. they seized several dogs may come on topton lane and charged
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the men with being a unfit owner. this is part of a broader investigation. more charges may be filed. neighbors say they have complained for years about the number of pitfalls -- spitballs and the barton. >> a local woman goes for a swim only to be attacked by a beaver well swimming. the interview you will only see first on a 7. >> what was going through your mind? >> it was a thing i had to get away from. >> at 83, lillian peterson says you are only as old as you feel. >> i was crawling out of the water and it attacked the. >> a beaver chopped on her leg while she was on lake barcroft on tuesday. >> it got to my calf. >> she gave it a fight were the other woman far younger. >> i took my walking stick and tried to count him in the eyes, thinking if he could not seen the maybe he would stop. >> but she could not get rid of him until this man showed up. >> she was screaming for her
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life, help me help me. >> he came over and helped me. >> this is the beaver mike says he had to fend off lugging her first day. this is not the same beaver, but it gives you the sense of the teeth that latched onto her leg. beaver's use them to bring down trees. >> they have big enough teeth to do some damage. >> although lake barcroft is popular for recreation, she says her days swimming there are done. >> never in the world did i expect anything like this. >> everybody hopes this was the only rabid peter in the lake barcroft area, but residents are being warned to watch out for any sec beavers or other animals. >> we are finding out who won the $1 million power ball prize in virginia. roberto ruiz of falls church won at that from -- that winning ticket from a 7-11 on south
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washington street. he says he has no immediate plans for his winnings. someone in michigan was the big winner that night $337 million, but if you can only pick one, make the most of it. >> absolutely. >>if you think is tough to drive around the d.c.
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>> thursday morning. in the belfort furniture weather center -- a little bit of rain west of washington to start the day. we will clear out and have a good amount of sunshine. it will be a hot and sticky day. around 211 pushing eastward, we have some light rain. that is stretching all the way back to harrissonburg, virginia. we are on our way to the lower 90's this afternoon. should be sunny by lunchtime. in the afternoon, a 20% chance of a stray showers. few and far between in terms of showers later today. late saturday night, some rain is expected as a front drops in. look at the temperatures -- upper 70's for high sunday and monday. refreshing at that point in
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september. >> on the roads right now, we have picked up most of the overnight construction around the beltway, especially in virginia. however, if you are traveling on 66 westbound, you have a work zone between 23 and 50. -- 123 and 50. working their way to nutley street, still work on the right side. no work on route 7. all lanes are open to the capital beltway. if you are traveling in maryland, a look at i-27 lead. father hurley boulevard -- we are moving well. southbound 270 through german town and his bird, a nice ride so far. back to steve and cynne. >> time again for the oldest- running fair in maryland. >> the prince george's county fair was established in 1842. it kicks off today at 4:00 p.m.
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at the equestrian center and showplace arena in upper marlboro. that is near the intersection of pennsylvania avenue of pennsylvania30and route 301. the fed runs through sunday. >> good entertainment. time is running out for this week's facebook contest. >> we are giving away and ipad. you have until tomorrow afternoon to sign up. you can do that at /facebook. announce the winner right here on "good morning washington." >> still ahead expect new developments involving the alleged fort hood shooter, but why his controversial beard could lead to
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